Frequently Asked Questions


There are hundreds of martial arts, what is unique about Studio Naga?

Finding a school with the right philosophy for you and your family is important to your enjoyment – and your success!

At Studio Naga, we believe martial arts is a path to building character and being part of a thriving community. After the first phase of training, students teach others, developing leadership and communication skills. Training is highly personal – you will get a lot of attention and encouragement. You can find out more about us here and always, please feel free to ask any and all questions!

Which class should my kids take? What ages train together? Can I train with my kids?

Our “Jungle Gym” program for kids 4-6 teaches basic martial arts, body awareness and listening skills. Our kids classe include teens, and teens train together on Monday nights as well. Because everyone is juggling schedules, we sometimes allow parents to join kids classes. Saturday sessions are ALL ages – and they’re our most popular.

How often should I go? Can I drop-in to classes

Most students, kids and adults, train 2-3 times a week, though sometime that’s not possible. We are a membership-based community; tuition is billed monthly.  Especially for kids, consistent attendance builds confidence. We do not do “drop-in” classes which are challenging for both students and teachers. 

How long does it take to get a black belt?

It’s a great question – and unanswerable.  It’s different for everyone, but usually a good stretch of time.  Also, in our art, earning a black belt is just a continuation of our training path - there is always more to learn. In The Tiger’s Eye, a book of martial arts history written by Louise, there’s a great fable about a student always asking about “how long?”  Ask about it, it's a great story!

Why so much bowing?

A bow is like a handshake – a way of showing respect and making an agreement. It’s not about bowing to another person; the bow goes both ways. Everyone deserves respect, everyone gives respect. It’s the way we say thank-you to our teachers.

Who trains at Studio Naga?

Studio Naga students are teachers, nurses, artists, lawyers, therapists, and people from all walks of life.  All ages, backgrounds, and abilities are welcome. Black belts are mentors and teachers here: each student will pick a black belt as their personal mentor.

Why do you do chores after each class?

In Indonesia, it is tradition that before students workout, they do chores around the school to show their desire to be part of the community. We’ve adopted this as part of being respectful citizens and taking care of this special place.

What are your membership and cancellation policies regarding programs and camps?

For camps, cancellations up to one month in advance are refunded 80%.  After that, cancellations are only made for illness. For those who request a "break" or "hold" on tuition, we ask for 30-day notice, a firm return date, and during the hold $15/per month will be charged.  For those who stop training and later return, a $59 membership banking fee will be charged. For after-school programs, we do not do refunds as our programs usually fill and your enrollment means we turn others away.

Here's our mission statement:

Studio Naga is a place where people can find out who they are and grow into who they want to be, where children and adults can surpass self-imposed or other imposed limitations with the support of a diverse and ethical community.

                                        We make a difference.

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