Kids Martial Arts

Studio Naga promotes confidence, coordination and discipline in a safe - FUN! - and caring environment. Our instructors are qualified martial arts instructors, and many are certified elementary school teachers. We offer a high instructor to student ratio and stress peer support, leadership and cooperation. 

Classes focus on animal style movements, physical and verbal self-defense, and conditioning. Each child is encouraged to reach their own personal potential. Afternoon, evening and weekend classes are available, as are classes for kids and adults together. See our frequently asked questions page for additional info. 

Our membership runs $131 for Jungle Gym and $151 for all others. Classes for kids are Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 and Saturdays 10-11:30 in HOllis-Doyle Park. Small groups are beginning to train inside our Studio.

Martial Arts for 4-6 yr. olds -- "Jungle Gym"

"Jungle Gym" is for younger kids. Through creative martial arts movement, kids learn balance, coordination, respect, focus and cooperation in a supportive environment. Some basic gymnastics are introduced, along with games that promote skill development. Jungle Gym is both in person and online and the monthly membership rate is $131. Classse are Mondays 4:30-5 and Saturdatys 9:30-10.

Off-Site/After-School Classes

After-School Martial Arts Classes have been offered at the following elementary schools: Chabot, Thornhill, Hillcrest, and Glenview, and at the the Berkeley YMCA. Please contact us to arrange a program at your school.

Studio Naga is affiliated with The Tulen Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps provides scholarships for those in need. Please inquire for more information or for a Tulen Foundation application.

Day and Overnight Martial Arts Camps: 

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