Ongoing Kids Poekoelan Training

KiDS Programs

Martial arts classes for kids aged 6 and up focusing on Poekoelan basics, including animal style movements, physical and verbal self-defense, and conditioning. Each child is encouraged to reach his or her limitless potential. Afternoon, evening and weekend classes are available, as are classes for kids and adults together.  See our frequently asked questions page for addition info.  We've been voted "Best in the Bay"!

Jungle Gym

This is our beginning martial arts class for kids 3-6 years old. Through creative martial arts movement, kids learn balance, coordination, respect, focus and cooperation in a safe, supportive environment. Some basic gymnastic movements are introduced, as are games that promote physical skill development. Classes on Monday and Wednesday are 4:45-5:30. There are two Saturday classes: 9:30-10:00 OR 10:10-10:30 -- both are great, please choose one!



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