Studio Naga provides dynamic martial arts for kids and adults in the Indonesian-American art Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen!

Classes inside until further notice at STUDIO NAGA! Please mask, both students and parents!

Current News

Camp Courage Dates 2023

Tickets for April’s camp are on sale RIGHT NOW!

Choose Overnight or Day camp when you buy your ticket, there are a limited number of overnight spaces available as we’re at a different site this year.

The Fall 2023 Camp Courage dates are October 20-21.

Martial Arts, Community, Leadership!

At Studio Naga, we’ve created a community which supports change and growth in a diverse, supportive environment – come join us! Operating since 2000, we are easy to find at the border of Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville.

Our Indonesian art, Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen, encompasses ground fighting, self-defense, forms, animal movement, meditation, weapons, and free sparring. Training offers benefits in physical fitness, self-defense, confidence, flexibility, mental focus, and self-expression – and it’s fun!  We’ve been featured on MSN, NPR and in numerous publications and are known for stressing leadership development and peer support.

Studio Naga is headed by Louise Rafkin, who has been training since 1984, assisted by nearly two dozen black belts. Teaching, and learning to be an effective teacher, is an intrinsic part of the training tradition.